VIZIONefx recently installed a custom touch screen application to visually display interactive content to enhance and educate the inner workings of a project to capture hundred of thousands of gallons of run off from the Dome roof, which in turn is utilized for flushing toilets and urinals in half of the Dome's restrooms.

Located near gate D, the 47" display is mounted for vertical format and is located outside the glass front room housing the equipment. The media player VIZIONefx customized for the specific project, utilizes timed coded sequencing to interact with DMX lighting controls to visually queue spot lights as each component within the room is referenced in the animated video as it is played from the touch screen. One touch from the main screen queues the animation to begin, and the lights within drop as the guided tour reveals the process of how the reclaimed water is captured, stored, and then filtered and dyed blue for usage.

The home screen animates rainfall towards you as larger 'bubbles' entertain audience with interesting facts such as - The gutter that rings the bottom of the Dome’s roof is wide enough to hold a car. And more.

Here is a local story on the project from WSYR-TV with a link to the full story here.