The sections Digital Signage and Touch Screen under Samples of our web site, showcase some of our work in various markets.

We would love to discuss with you your vision, and how we can help.


VIZIONefx evolved from a belief in the ability to bring top-quality digital communication and content delivery systems to entities of any size. We are passionate about working with our partners to maximize their investment and resources. We design our products and services so clients have the ability to stay current with technology, doing so in a fiscally responsible manner. While we keep an eye on your bottom line, we are confident you will not find a higher quality or most robust information delivery solution.

After almost two decades of working in the industries of healthcare, higher education, information security and broadcast technology, our team brings a unique perspective to the table. Stated simply, it is this: We are well-versed in our abilities and solutions. We want to learn what you do on a daily basis, what your successes and challenges are, and how we may help you.

We all know the stories of companies and providers who promise theme-park tales of success, only to ultimately fail on the delivery and fall short. We intently focus on customer service – it is our passion. We promise to do our absolute best to deliver – every time – when and where you need it.

Feel free to check out our site and review our portfolio. We are confident you will find these images to be dynamic - though seeing them in person is all the more powerful. We would look forward to scheduling an online presentation, giving you a clearer understanding of how you can utilize VIZIONefx to expand your communication and advertising capabilities.